Quality PFT Measurement and Versatility in a Compact Design

The Transair3 brings together precision measurement, outstanding reliability and great versatility. Originally designed for testing workers on the North Sea oil platforms, the design is rugged and highly reliable for many years of measurement. Tests of spirometry, flow volume loop, single breath diffusion, cough peak flow, bronchial challenge and respiratory pressures can be assured on all subjects ranging from small children to adults with severe COPD. The TLC by nitrogen recovery is regarded as a screening measure and if lung volumes are a priority we would recommend plethysmographic or helium dilution alternatives.


Learn more about the features and design of the Morgan TransAir3.


The TransAir3 is capable of dynamic and static spirometry, DLCO, lung volumes via nitrogen recovery, and more.


ComPAS PFT Software. The premiere choice for PFT software.


We work with each customer to design a series customized reports that suite their needs. Click to see some of our stunning examples.


TransAir3 hardware specifications and requirements.

Data Sheet
Data Sheet

Downloadable PDF data information sheet.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment and CPT codes.

TransAir3 Portable
TransAir3 - Portable

A full PFT Testing solution that fits into a custom designed robust travelling case. (Lung volumes via N2 recovery)

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Reliability for PFT Testing

Clinical excellence and proven reliability at a very affordable price! The TransAir3 has been thought-fully engineered to make the most of strength, serviceability and size. It is designed to provide long service with minimal maintenance cost!

Flow Volume Loops

Through clever use of interactive help and clinical monitoring, ComPAS provides excellence in spirometry. Flow Volume efforts can be completed in any order of breathing with full fidelity of the loop captured and stored. For reports, data is automatically selected by ATS criteria; however, the user can override both data and loop selection if desired.

Incentive Screens - For testing young children, brilliant incentive graphic animation is employed to encourage effort and response. "Can you land the rocket on the moon?"

TransAir3 Features

  • Compact, capable and easy to use
  • Superb reproducibility across Spirometry, DLCO, Respiratory Pressures and Challenge Tests
  • Ideal for portable screening applications
  • The valve to beat all valves
  • Pressure less delivery of DLCO gas
  • Very low maintenance requirement or cost
  • Also available in a portable platform configuration

Quality Testing So Easy to Perform

With ComPAS testing is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. A simple touch on [Spacebar] begins all tests.
  2. When maneuvers are completed, the software checks the individual effort against ATS recommended PERFORMANCE criteria. If the effort meets these test standards, a hollow check mark provides visual confirmation.
  3.  Once the appropriate number of tests meet both PERFORMANCE and REPRODUCIBILITY criteria, solid check marks appear confirming that ATS standards have been met.

The COMPAS software is an excellent adjunct to the Morgan PFT system which is quite superior in its own right. It allows for rapid PFT interpretation in a user-friendly format. It can be easily customized to the individual's preferences so that the reports do not appear "canned". It is so easy to use, I was reading PFT's with it within 10 minutes of demonstration. In addition, the PFT data could be exported directly into our EMR flawlessly.  we were Hats off to Morgan Scientific for a program that is easy, efficient, and actually fun to use.

Seymour I. Huberfeld, M.D. FACP FCCP Customer Testimonials